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Keep Going

Even the most successful and accomplished person you know will have moments of just not feeling like doing something. This is not to say they are quitting, they just do not feel like following through in this moment. As a high-achiever, I go through waves of feeling stalled. I feel like I hit a wall and that I do not know which direction to go. Many factors play into this feeling. From the weather, to the change of seasons, to the amount of energy I have expended around other people. How do I keep going?

Truthfully speaking, I keep going because I know on the other side of that blockage, there are multiple positive outcomes. For example, by getting over my creative hump, I am able to help someone else and feel accomplished. When it comes to my business, it is hard to always keep going. There are times when am making regular sales, and providing advice to many people, and then there are droughts where nothing is moving. No one is buying, no one is asking for help, and no one is reading my blog posts. Operating a business will humble you.

This year, I feel like I have not been as successful as I would have liked. I did not dramatically increase my sales, I have not (yet) been booked for speaking engagements, and I feel like I have been forgotten. I know I have not been forgotten, but I do feel like it. It is easy to feel like quitting when things are not going well all the time. Things only seem like they are not going well when I focus on the lack versus the gains.

When I think of the wins in business for me this year, I have not folded nor went under. I did make some sales. I also awarded five scholarships to aspiring PAs from underrepresented backgrounds this year! The scholarships helped cover initial CASPA fees or helped them apply to three more schools! Of those recipients, three have been accepted into PA programs! Let's not forget those I mentored for FREE.99! Of those mentees, several of them have been accepted into PA programs this year! Look at God!

I share this post to let others know that even I do not have it together all the time. I get discouraged and lose hope, but only temporarily. I keep going because my why is bigger than my complaint. I am really blessed beyond what I can imagine and am making an impact on so many people. I am slowly, but surely, helping diversify the PA profession.

Keep going!

Dr. Jackie the PA

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