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For the past few weeks, I have unplugged from the social media that consumed most of my time…Facebook and Instagram. I don’t really use Twitter (especially after Elon Musk bought it), and I sparingly used LinkedIn because it is more for my professional use. As people were returning to social media from their breaks during the Lenten season, I was unplugging from the digital world significantly. I felt the need to decrease my distractions, reduce my dopamine stimulation, and focus on things I would lose by mindlessly scrolling. Some of the things I could focus more on were actually working out on a consistent basis, falling asleep at a reasonable time, prioritizing my business and working to push that to the next level, and just being more present.

The first few days is the hardest, especially when the apps are on your phone. There have been a couple of times when I accidentally opened the app and immediately closed them. I opened them solely from muscle memory of opening the apps several times daily. After the first three days, it was a lot easier not to open the apps. I also put 1-minute timers on the apps. I could have deleted the apps from my phone, but I know I will need to get back on for business and just because I’m nosey.

In this short amount of time, I have been reading more, listening to audibles, growing confident in my role at work, working a lot, catching up on my shows, planning college visits, and other stuff. I’m spending time with my family, I will start spending time with my friends. This break is allowing me to truly prioritize things, reorganize, and de-clutter my life on all levels. My breaths are deeper now!

I am concerned that when I return, I may succumb to past poor habits of mindlessly scrolling for long periods of time. After being off the grid for a few weeks, I have not yet reached the goals I wanted to personally and professionally reach. This means I need to take more time, and I am ok with that! I will take as much time as I need to return better and more focused.

Have you taken a social media break? How long did you take it? How did you feel after it?

Dr. Jackie the PA

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