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I ordered an item, but I do not like it. Can I get a refund?

Your support is appreciated. Unfortunately, each item is custom made on-demand. Given the nature of the customization, refunds cannot be offered. Refunds are only offered if the incorrect item is sent from distribution, or if there is damage on arrival. In that case, immediate contact with photos must be made. Please email jackie@jackiethepa.com with concerns

I ordered items, when will they arrive?

Most items arrive within 1 week. Shipping varies depending on the item and your geographic location. The time of year also matters, items may be slower to ship around the holidays, please order with that in mind. If you do not receive your order within 10-14 business days, please email jackie@jackiethepa.com to be updated on your order status.

We'd like to book Dr. Jackie for a speaking engagement, how do we do that?

Please click the tab on the Home Page titled "Book Dr. Jackie." There will be a form that must be completed in its entirety. You can also send a request via email to jackie@jackiethepa.com for the form.