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Consistency With A Thing

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

It has been a while since I have written a blog on my page and I figure it is time. The reason I have not written, honestly, I was feeling bogged down in all other areas. I was feeling pulled in every direction except for the things I know I should be doing…like keeping up with my business. Has this happened to anyone else?

I wanted to talk about consistency in doing some

thing and yes, this does apply to being a healthcare worker or aspiring healthcare professional. The most challenging thing is to get started. Have you ever paused and realized you consistently procrastinate? I have. I can find countless distractions while I’m supposed to be focused on one thing. It never fails! When did this become a thing? For me, the pandemic rocked my sense of motivation. I either am ready to go, or I am completely rudderless and cannot achieve much. I had to find the motivation to be consistent in achieving my goals because I used to be really good at that.

In December, I started taking a cycling class. After the 2nd class, my bottom was so sore. I asked the instructor what remedies could I try because ouch! They said I could try bringing a seat, wearing padded shorts, or just to keep coming because it will go away. My bottom was really tender. I complained so much, my husband bought me padded shorts. He ONLY purchased the shorts because I consistently went to class for 1 month. From December through February, I attended cycling classes during the week. After class yesterday, I realized I no longer needed to use the padded shorts and my bottom really wasn’t sore. I also realized that my clothes were fitting more loosely in the waist. Consistency helped my butt stop hurting AND I am losing some of that COVID weight I put on! Big win, right?

Ok, what does this have to do with you? I want you to pause and think about what actions can you consistently take on your journey to reaching whatever goal you have? If it is to apply to PA school, are you consistently doing the things that will give you the best grades? Are you minimizing distractions so you can consistently focus on gathering your application material? Do you have your deadlines in front of you? Have you started writing that personal statement yet?

We must consistently do small things that will help us reach our bigger goals. I am taking my own advice and plan to be more consistent with my blog posts, mentoring sessions, health and fitness, and business goals!

I will keep you posted! Share how you plan to be consistent in the next month? Here is my day #1.

Dr. Jackie the PA

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