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My Favorite Parts About Being an MSL

After being an MSL for just a little over 3 months, I already have a list of my favorite things about my job. Am I in the honeymoon phase? Who knows! All I know is I have no regrets and do not see myself returning to direct patient care anytime soon. Now, a disclaimer, I have worked hands-on with patients for over 20 years, so I feel I deserve this professional change. Also, it is fair to say my experience may not be typical. I work for a small diagnostic company that feels more like a fun family than anything else.

Here is a list of my favorite things (so far):

  1. No day is the same. Really, there is not a typical day. I need versatility in my career to do well and so far, being an MSL offers that. Some days are busier than others, some are very chill. Every day is an adventure.

  2. I get to be a people-person. While I do have to discuss data and the science of things, I get to have a lot more human interaction and show my personality. I'm a fun person, a bit goofy, and I love that I get to show that

  3. I get to travel. I grew up imagining all the places I would go and this job allows me to live it! I have not been sent to the U.S. Virgin Islands for work yet, but who knows, it could happen!

  4. I have a great team I work with. No, seriously. Everyone is super helpful and supportive. We all live in different places across the country, but when we connect, we definitely vibe. I do not have to worry about being undercut by anyone.

  5. I am still helping patients. One thing that can be scary about leaving the bedside is that you aren't sure if you will still be "helping people." This is important because the entire reason I got involved in healthcare was to help people. I am proud to say I am able to help even more people than I initially thought. The impact is on a larger scale even.

This is just a quick and short list of my favorite things so far. I am still a rookie (lol), so there is still a lot to learn. I can say, without question, I do not regret my move at all. I am looking forward to gaining even more confidence in my role and all the adventures to come. If you are considering an MSL role, I encourage you to go for it and get in.

Dr. Jackie the PA

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