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Writing a Compelling Personal Statement

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Quick tips to stand out and NOT be boring!

After reading numerous personal statements, I can say there is a way to stand out. There is a way to write something memorable, something interesting, fun, and informative in 5,000 characters. Your personal statement is personal. It introduces you to the reader and primes them to ask questions to get to know you better. Here are some helpful tips to write a compelling personal statement. For a more detailed version, be sure to check out the e-book here.

Start with these tips to be on the way to writing a compelling personal statement.

Tip #1 -Describe yourself.

I call this the "who are you" part of your statement. Do not go fully into detail describing a scenario without giving context to who you are or what you do. I should know you are a phlebotomist, a nurse, respiratory therapist right away. I have been confused by written scenarios and ask myself why this student would be doing these tasks. It wouldn't be until I got to the end of the personal statement that I would discover they were a paramedic or physical therapist or something. Make it short and sweet.

Example: As a registered nurse in the ER, I would have to be prepared for any medical condition presenting. At the beginning of my shift, I had a patient (now give details on the scenario)

Tip #2 - Know your "why"

Why do you even want to work in this profession? You must know and be able to articulate your "why." Your "why" is what will keep you focused when the road gets tough. It cannot be a surface-level "why" and must go deep. In your statement, tell the reader why you are the best person for this seat that many others want.

"Find your why and you'll never fail in life" – Winnie MD

Tip #3 - State how you will contribute

How do you plan to contribute to the profession you are interested in? Will you serve a particular community? Do you want to teach? Will you work on policy? How do you envision yourself in the future in this role?

Tip #4 - Be authentic

Try your best to be yourself and not attempt to be who you think the reader wants you to be. I hope that makes sense. Authenticity is so rare but so necessary as a healthcare professional. A way to stand out and not sound like everyone else is to be yourself. Tell your story. Be real.

Tip #5 - Don't Procrastinate

There is nothing to it but to do it. Get started. Do not try to write your personal statement at the last minute. You want to write quality work and it takes time to produce a compelling statement. Give yourself at least 1 month to write your statement.

Your Personal Statement is Personal

These tips should set you to have a pretty compelling statement, but if you need more help, need some writing prompts and specific guidelines, do not forget to check out this e-book! Be sure to leave any tips you have in the comments!

Dr. Jackie the PA

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