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I'm Back!

Hey all my lovely supporters! I am back! I took a business break and I feel ok about that. When I created my brand in 2020, I had such grand visions about everything I would do. I have accomplished a lot to date, and I must remember to pat myself on the back. I've mentored many aspiring PAs, awarded 8 scholarships, offered virtual shadowing, helped with interviews, written numerous letters of recommendation and more! I blame my overly ambitious, recovering perfectionist mindset on not always seeing what I have already accomplished.

I realized I needed a moment to re-strategize, reboot my energy, and continue what I started. I appreciate everyone's support. Every single purchase is attached to some good. I cannot help the people on my own. I appreciate all the lessons and blessings on my entrepreneurial journey....and there were definitely lessons.

I have decided to narrow down my focus, streamline my offerings, move in alignment of my purpose....which is truly making it easier for those who come after me in all areas of life. I can't wait to share more, help more, and create more!

I appreciate you! You are the real MVP!

Dr. Jackie the PA

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