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My Salary As a PA Providing Direct Patient Care

We never really see posts about salary as a PA providing direct patient care. Well, there are salary reports created by some professional organizations. There are also sites like that will give a salary for some jobs. I don't recall seeing anyone post on social media how much they make unless they make an uncharacteristically high salary and they want to flex.


So, why am I sharing this? I want future PAs to see my different salaries in the different specialties I worked. I believe the lack of pay transparency can lead to worsening pay disparities, unrealistic salary expectations, and job dissatisfaction. I remember being told by

one place I worked not to discuss my raise and my salary. I thought that was a weird request because I was sure I was not the highest-paid employee. I believe that the job knew they were not acting in the best interest of their employees. With the growth of social media and people doing anything for attention, I think the message regarding PA salary has been muddied.

Don't worry....

I will share my numbers after I make a couple more points.


Various sources report the percentage of households making over $100K annually is around 33%. If you make $150K annually, you'd make more than 80% of American households! This is to provide perspective. I think knowing that many other factors can be figured into a salary is imperative. When you think of salary, consider comprehensive compensation. There's the dollar amount you will be paid to consider, but you should also consider vacation time, sick time, stock options, continuing medical education, health benefits, and other benefits. I should also let you know that these salaries are rounded and not all-inclusive of things like overtime and the above-mentioned benefits. I will be listing the specialty and what I made.

My Base Salaries & Specialites

  1. Neurosurgery -- $80K, excludes bonus

  2. Emergency Medicine -- $42/hr at one job, then $50/hr at another job, excludes shift/weekend differential & overtime.

  3. Urology -- $104K

  4. Urgent Care -- $108K, excludes shift/weekend differential & overtime.

  5. Occupational Medicine -- $62/hr at one job, then $127K, excludes bonus

Please note that these jobs were worked over 11 years, so there is a cost-of-living to consider and pre-pandemic salaries. I've had great benefits at times and some horrible so-called benefits from places. All of my jobs provided money and time for continuing medical education. I am certain I didn't make as much money as other PAs in these specialties in different regions, but I do know that I always made what I needed to make at those times in my life.

Again, my goal for this post is to normalize speaking about salary. Did you know that women PAs make 6% less than men PAs? Isn't that crazy? A woman-dominated profession where pay disparities are still a thing. I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you made it this far, thank you for reading!

Dr. Jackie the PA

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