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Standing Out in the Crowd

A secret weapon in the healthcare world

Who do you remember? The quiet person who did not interact with anyone in a room? Or, do you remember that person that commanded attention? The quiet, reserved and the gregarious, loud person has pros and cons. When it comes to advancement professionally, I've had a lot of success being a gregarious, not-so-quiet person. I'll explain.

Admittedly, my personality may be a bit much for some. I command attention when I enter a room, just in how I carry myself. I like to look good, wear bold colors, wear some heels, and smile a lot. I will talk to almost anyone, yes, even strangers. I consider myself to be a walking party. Hang around me long enough and I'll instantly boost your mood! I live in the land of optimism and have pretty high self-esteem. People want to feel good and be around people who make them feel good. I do that well. People remember me.

I also have credentials, life, and professional experience. I am able to convey who I am and why I want what I do in a compelling manner. You remember my story when you hear it because it is authentic and people love real stories. I unapologetically own all parts of who I am. I will admit if I do not know something. I will over-deliver on tasks. I will work as part of a team or lead as needed.

Here are 3 reasons you MUST stand out to get ahead:

  1. People recall those they consider memorable. If you have a compelling story, others remember that and want more.

  2. Perfection doesn't stand out because too many people are trying to present sterile versions of themselves thinking it will impress others. Stand out by being authentic. You're seen as more trustworthy that way.

  3. Standing out requires boldness. If you are looking for something more advanced or professional promotion, standing out shows you really want it.

Now, standing out is like seasoning meat (I know, weird analogy, but follow me). Too much seasoning will make the meat not digestible, too little seasoning makes it bland and you want to throw it out. You have to find your happy medium of standing out. It requires some trial and error, but it is a powerful weapon to have on your pursuit of a new job, that graduate program, that future husband or wife...pretty much anything.

Dr. Jackie the PA

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